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Skyline IT Management - 2501 Dupont, Edmond, OK 73034 405-594-9282 Mo-Fr 8am - 5pm
Diana Giles

Skyline IT Management was founded by Diana Giles owner and operator of The Computer Monkey, LLC, established in 2004. We truly enjoy helping small businesses improve and secure their operations through the proper use of modern technology. We take a proactive approach, so in other words, we make more money when your technology works than when it doesn’t.  When you partner with Skyline, the keys to your technology kingdom belong to you. Your technology will not be held hostage if you decide to switch to another IT company. Every solution we deploy puts the highest priority on security and protecting critical business information.

Diana has a bachelor’s degree in business and master’s degree in Telecommunications Management from Oklahoma State University as well as several Microsoft certifications. She is the founder of, a free resource website to help parents protect their children online.

Memberships and Certifications
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator
Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator
Microsoft Azure
The ASCII Group
Values and Professionalism

As a professional IT service provider and member of the National Society of IT Service Providers, we pledge to:

Be Competent
We work to stay educated and capable in all areas for which they represent themselves to be competent. They will not knowingly claim competence that they do not possess.
Be Honest
In all engagements, we will provide honest information about products, services, pricing, and related matters. This includes the accurate representation of work performed and the products and services offered for sale.
Be Forthright with Clients
This includes registering client hardware, software, and services in the client’s name. It also includes providing the client with a reasonably useful copy of their network documentation. Implicit in this requirement is the fact that the client has paid for all of these things and that ownership or licensing should be in the client’s name/possession. This also includes disclosing any possible conflict of interest between the us and our client.
Be Legal in All Activities
We will follow applicable laws with regard to business operations, sales, data protection, privacy, and all other manners.
Be Fair
We will treat everyone (clients, employees, suppliers, vendors, etc.) impartially without regard to ethnicity, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, language, religious beliefs, or political beliefs.
Be Discreet
We will sign non‐disclosure agreements with all clients and employees, and work earnestly to protect client confidentiality and intellectual property.
Be Professional
We will sign contracts with clients that are reasonable in nature and not intended to give an unreasonable or undue advantage to our business as the provider.

We conduct all business with the highest standard of ethics.

These values represent the Skyline way of doing business.