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Attn: Carbonite Users

As a reseller of Carbonite Online Backup, I typically tout what Carbonite WILL do to keep your data from being lost in a hard drive failure or other disaster. However, this post is about what Carbonite will NOT do BY DEFAULT. After Carbonite is installed it will scan your computer to find the data file areas that most users want to back up. These folders and files include Documents, Pictures, Music (except during free trial), Microsoft Outlook .pst files, internet favorites, Quicken and Quickbooks financial data files. See this page from the Carbonite website for more details about what is included in their automatic selection.

There are however, several folders and file types that Carbonite will not include by default because they could be larger than average files or ones that, if restored to a new system, could cause problems. See this page from the Carbonite website for a complete list of every file type and folder that is not included automatically in your backup. The most important files that are not included which could be a concern for most users is Videos. Video files can be extremely large so they are not included by default. Windows users who wish to have a file included in the backup that was not included by default, can simply navigate to the file in File Explorer, right-click, choose Carbonite from the menu, then choose “Back up this file”. See the video below for more detailed instructions or contact me if you need assistance.

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