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Good Password Policies

Password Security Article Published

I recently wrote an article for TechTarget, an online publication for the tech community. While the target audience is tech professionals, non-techies will still learn several important things about password practices. A two-pronged password security model for channel partners (

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Tips for buying new computers

How To Buy New Computers

In addition to the usual tips for buying computers for your business, there is one more very important tip I have for you. But first, the usual tips: Purchase business-class computers, not from (insert big-box, chain retailer here). There is…

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Are notifications driving you crazy?

Managing Notifications

At Skyline IT Management. We like to help you work better with technology. In this video Diana shows you how to manage your Windows notifications so you will only get the ones you want when you want them.

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Security isn't just a technology buzzword, it's critical to your business.

Security: A Necessary Pain

No matter the size of your organization, there are pain points associated with properly securing your IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, there are bad actors that make security necessary. As if it isn't difficult enough to keep up with passwords (we can…

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