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Use the Cloud Successfully With Help From Skyline IT

We can help you move to the cloud for servers, file storage, virtual desktops, communications, and more.

It has become a necessity to move software and data to the cloud. This ensures business continuity and allows you to operate your business functions from anywhere. But not all companies use the cloud efficiently. We’ll help your Edmond business reduce cloud waste and keep your data better secured.

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Cloud Business Services That Keep You Well Grounded

Industry analysts at firms like Accenture and ParkMyCloud estimate that 30% to 40% of all cloud spend is wasted. This eats into the savings that the cloud is supposed to provide to companies and can lead to problematic rollouts of new applications.

Skyline IT Management offers businesses in Edmond, OK an all-in-one solution when it comes to cloud adoption, integration, and security.

From cloud storage trends to virtual desktops, we keep on top of advances in the cloud industry so our clients can leverage these to keep their businesses competitive and growing.

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

Our team can help you choose the best cloud tools for your needs and ensure they can all integrate, share data, and automate processes.

We’ll help you eliminate redundancies in your cloud environment that are costing you unnecessary expenses.

Cloud Security

Your SaaS providers are only partially responsible for your cloud security. They ensure that their cloud servers are kept secure and provide you with tools that you can use to secure your account. But… it’s up to you to use those tools effectively and secure your accounts with good password policies.

We’ll help you with this shared responsibility by professionally configuring your platform security, and putting monitoring systems in place that defend against things like unauthorized access and ransomware.

Need an expert guide for your cloud adoption journey? Skyline IT’s experts can help!

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