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Find answers to your cloud voice questions.

Cloud Voice FAQ

There’s no better time to move to the cloud ―
and it’s simpler than you think.
If you haven’t been thinking about it prior, now is the time to move from your premise-based PBX to the cloud. You might be wondering: Why now? Why can’t I just stay with my current solution? What does this do to help my business?

Our “Business Owner’s Cloud Phone FAQ” addresses these questions (and more) that may have been keeping you from moving from premise-based PBX to a modern, all-in-one, cloud-based communications service.

You’ll learn:
✓  Key differences between on-premise PBX vs. Cloud communications
✓  Benefits of a fully integrated cloud-based solution
✓  How easy we can help you make the move
You’ll find out that converting to the cloud is affordable, simple and very beneficial to your business.