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Doing Work From Home Correctly

I wanted to share a story from this week to help your company improve service in working from home arrangements. I was meeting with a group of business owners with our local chamber of commerce, and we were discussing the topic of employment and hiring people. Of course, as you can imagine, the topic of work from home came up because that is definitely something that is a trend and perhaps a permanent arrangement for a lot of companies.

One of the other business owners made the comment that they did not feel that was something that they could do with their company because of the type of business they were. But, they also made the comment “I can always tell when I am working with someone who is working from home, because they have a terrible connection and they never can get to the information that they need because they’re at home.”

So that got me thinking. If you are a company who has chosen to have staff work from home, and that is the situation that you’re presenting to clients or, or whoever your staff may be working with, then you’re doing it wrong. Whether you want to conceal the fact that someone is working from home or not, they should still be able to do their job seamlessly if you employ the right technology.

Aside from having the occasional dog barking or something like that, your staff should have a solid internet and phone connection, if you are doing it right. Your staff should be able to get to the information that they need, if you’re doing it right. So, if you need help doing work from home correctly, and I must add securely, please contact Skyline IT Management, and we will be happy to help you do work from home better.

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