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I Sent an Email to Someone and it was Rejected. How Do I Fix That?

I Sent an Email to Someone and it was Rejected. How Do I Fix That?

Email has become a necessary communication tool in our digitized world. Be it for personal or professional needs, it’s an efficient and effective means of keeping in touch. However, sometimes a business email gets rejected, leaving you wondering why it wasn’t delivered. This article will explore the possible reasons behind email rejection and solutions that may resolve them.

Reasons for Rejected Emails 

Incorrect Email Address

A common cause of email rejection is due to an incorrect email address. This may occur if you mistype it or if someone has changed theirs without telling you. Before hitting “send,” double-check that all addresses are accurate.

Full Recipient Inbox 

Your email could also be rejected if the recipient’s mailbox is full. This can happen if they have not cleared out their inbox or exceeded their storage limit. 

To remedy this situation, try sending the email at another time or contacting the recipient to notify them of the problem.

Spam Filters 

Spam filters are intended to filter out bad emails that might otherwise reach recipients, yet sometimes legitimate emails may get caught and rejected

For best results, you may need to change the contents of your email altogether. Are you trying to sell something, or interacting with an email address you’ve never had dialogue with before? Sometimes, mass emails sent out to multiple recipients in a short period can be blocked for spam. You may also be having this issue if the email account you’re using is brand new. 

To prevent this from happening, follow best practices for bypassing spam filters. These include avoiding trigger words in the subject line and not using all caps. 

Blacklisted IP Address

Each device with internet access is given an IP address. When yours has been identified as being involved with spam or malicious activities, your emails could be rejected by email servers and thus blocked altogether. 

To remove your IP from blacklisting, you must contact your internet service provider so they can remove your address from it.

Attachment Size

Most email services limit the maximum file sizes that can be attached. If an attachment you try sending exceeds this limit, your email may be rejected. 

To prevent this from happening again, consider compressing or sharing the file using file-sharing services such as DropBox.

Issues With Email Servers 

Email servers may experience intermittent problems that cause emails to be rejected, such as server maintenance or outage. To address these issues, try sending your email at another time, or contact the recipient in another way so they are informed about it.

Domain Name System (DNS) Issues

DNS issues can also lead to email rejection. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses. Should there be any issues, your message might not reach its recipient. In this instance, you should immediately contact your email service provider to assess and remedy it.

What if My Email is Still Being Rejected? 

If the email is still being rejected after all these attempts, the issue may be beyond your control. At that point, you may want to consider switching email providers, or contacting a professional for IT support

Certain providers may use more stringent spam filters or restrictions, which cause emails to be rejected. As a solution, try switching over to see if that helps. 

Email providers often use various methods to protect their users from spam and malicious content, and sometimes these measures can be too restrictive, leading to the rejection of legitimate emails.

When choosing a new email service provider, consider their:

  • spam filter policy
  • email delivery rate
  • overall reliability

Before making the switch, be sure to read reviews, compare features, and evaluate the provider’s email delivery rate to ensure that they are a good fit for your needs. You should also backup all your emails and contacts, and consider the DNS settings for your custom domain if you have one. 

As mentioned above, your DNS settings determine where your email is delivered, and any incorrect settings could lead to more email delivery failures. Most email service providers offer detailed instructions on how to set up DNS for custom domain names, so if you need further assistance, you can always contact their support team or another professional you trust. 

Get Troubleshooting Help for Rejected Emails

Email rejection can be disconcerting, but knowing the possible reasons why it happened can help you reach a solution more quickly. By following the solutions we outlined above, your chances of your email being delivered successfully increase significantly. 

Remember to double-check email address spelling, avoid spam triggers, and check attachment size before hitting send. If issues with rejected emails persist, contact your email service provider for help, or switch to a different service. 

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