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How Can I Protect My Privacy Online?

When it comes to online privacy, I have heard people say that it doesn’t really matter because they don’t have anything to hide. I admit, since I am not involved in any criminal behavior, that I have had those thoughts as well. If you spend any amount of time on regular search engines and social media platforms, a lot of your information is going to be online already. But, maybe you feel like some of the tech giants have become a little too intrusive, too big or controlling of your search results. Maybe you are tired of the creepy feeling you get when advertisements start popping up for the items you have searched for. Maybe you would like a little privacy just for privacy’s sake. There are many reasons why innocent people might simply want a little privacy when they are online. No matter what your reason, the folks at Restore Privacy have compiled a list for us.

9 Best Private Search Engines That Respect Your Privacy (