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Tips for buying new computers

How To Buy New Computers

In addition to the usual tips for buying computers for your business, there is one more very important tip I have for you. But first, the usual tips:

  1. Purchase business-class computers, not from (insert big-box, chain retailer here). There is absolutely a difference between business-class and consumer-grade computers. Business-class computers are intended to be work horses and will perform better in a work environment. True business-class computers will come with the professional version of Windows which is also necessary for most business applications and network configurations.
  2. Purchase the best computers you can afford that are appropriate for the tasks required. There is certainly no reason to purchase a $2500 desktop computer for a staff member that use Microsoft Office, email and an internet browser. However, if someone uses AutoCad or does a lot of video editing, that could be more appropriate.
  3. Make sure that the equipment you buy is completely covered under warranty for the entire time you plan to use it. That may mean purchasing an extended warranty from the manufacturer or even a third-party. Also, make sure that the warranty you choose includes the coverage you desire. If you desire to have someone come onsite to replace a failed part, you don’t want a warranty that requires you to ship it off to the manufacturer repair depot. For example, you would want Next Day Onsite coverage instead of the standard business support.
  4. Consult with a computer professional on your decision. Even if you don’t want to buy the computers through them because you think you can save money doing it yourself, pay a professional to design the recommendations for you. It can save you from wasting money on purchasing the wrong thing.

So those are the tips I have for purchasing computers for your business in general. Here is the tip for purchasing computers at this time in 2021: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. The pandemic and chip shortage has caused severe supply chain issues for the tech hardware industry. It is very difficult to find new business computers in stock right now. Choices are very limited and lead times are very long. Therefore, if you need to get new computers in the near future, you need to start the purchase process today. And, you probably need to prepare for a little sticker shock.

Here is another bonus tip. For many businesses (especially right now due to low supply) top-quality, business-class refurbished computers can be a great option. Your computer professional likely has a good supplier, but again, remember that warranty! The refurbished supplier we use provides a three-year complete replacement warranty. That means we just send you an equivalent refurbished computer as a replacement if something goes physically wrong with it. It is actually easier than dealing with manufacturer warranties and repairs.