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Did You Know About Our Internet Connectivity Services

Did You Know About Our Internet Connectivity Services?

Your network is the beating heart of your company, keeping your devices connected, enabling information to flow and facilitating employee and customer collaboration. Naturally, when your internet goes down, your business suffers. 

Unfortunately, internet outages and lags are all too common for organizations today. Research shows that, this year, the global cost of internet outages has reached $31.01 billion – and we’re only in September! 

While you might have accepted these connectivity issues as a part of life, it doesn’t have to be this way. With support from Skyline IT Management, you can achieve reliable, super-fast connectivity without breaking the bank. 

Below, we’ll explain in a little more detail why you should consider reviewing your choice of internet connectivity provider and how we can help you. 

Common Internet Connectivity Challenges SMBs Face

When your internet connection goes down for a few minutes, you might not think much of it. But, in the long run, this downtime can have wide-ranging consequences, including: 

Lost Productivity

Let’s face it, almost all office work is conducted online these days. Whether your employees are sending emails, editing customer data in an application like Salesofrce or using Microsoft 365, having an internet connection is vital to getting work done. So, when this connection drops or slows, your employees slow down too. 

Without a good connection, your people won’t be able to work efficiently, and this will eventually hamper your bottom line. In fact, research shows that IT failures cost workers around 545 hours of lost productivity every year.

To keep your employees productive, it’s clear that having a solid, reliable internet connection is vital. 

Digital infrastructure Issues

All businesses are gradually moving away from on-premises servers to the cloud. The cloud holds a lot of potential and has a lot of benefits, including reduced costs and better flexibility. However, all of these pluspoints can be undermined by poor connectivity. 

This is because using cloud solutions requires a large consumption of data. If your broadband speed isn’t up to scratch, attempting to use the cloud will be a painfully slow and laborious task.

In the long-term, this can also hamper innovation. Your business won’t be able to adopt the latest and greatest digital tools, because your connection won’t be able to keep up.  

Lower Employee Satisfaction 

It’s really important not to downplay the importance connectivity plays in the overall employee experience. Half of employees admit that connectivity issues leave them feeling frustrated. If this problem becomes chronic, your employees might look for a job elsewhere! 

By contrast, if you invest in a good connectivity solution, your employees will feel more satisfied at work. 

Lower Customer Satisfaction 

For both internal and external communications, a fast, reliable internet connection is a must. Your customers expect to be able to interact with you quickly and efficiently – and they won’t take lightly to connectivity issues. In fact, 1 in 4 small businesses have lost business or sales as a result of poor broadband.

What Causes Internet Connectivity Issues? 

Numerous factors can create business internet connectivity issues. These include: 

  • Too much network traffic, leading to a slow internet performance 
  • Domain Name Services issues
  • Utilizing too many different network providers
  • Router issues or data server failures
  • The use of copper-based services
  • Poor value broadband 

Within your business, it may be that one or a few of these issues are impacting your connectivity. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which! Our experts are on hand to diagnose your connectivity issues and advise you on the next steps forward. 

What Makes For Great Business Connectivity? 

When we help our clients choose an internet service provider, we always take a few critical factors into account. These are:

  • Availability
  • Contract length
  • Downtime on average
  • Price
  • Usage
  • Speed 

We work with you to pinpoint the best choice for your price range and needs, so you’ll never have to struggle with poor connectivity again! 

We’ll Help You Revolutionize Your Connectivity 

Setting up an effective and reliable wireless network at your Edmond business is about more than just plugging in a modem and router. Our networking experts can help you with affordable solutions that expand the wireless signal reach and ensure that it’s strong throughout your entire property. We also support with: 

  • Implementing wired networks 
  • Harnessing the potential of quality of service, which are bandwidth allocation rules added to your router that help prioritize your most important internet traffic.
  • Helping your remote team secure their own home Wi-Fis through tips like the use of strong passwords and putting work devices on a guest network.

Are You Tired Of Suffering From Internet Issues At Your Business? Make The Switch Today! 

Skyline IT Management can help your Oklahoma business achieve unparalleled internet connectivity at the right price. 

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