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Skyline IT Management - 2501 Dupont, Edmond, OK 73034 405-594-9282 Mo-Fr 8am - 5pm

Skyline IT Management creates and manages cloud office for small businesses using modern technology and the Microsoft 365 Business Premium platform. When businesses make the move to Microsoft 365 from an on-premises server or another cloud platform like Google Workspace, a migration is necessary. In order to provide you with a proper statement of work, we would need to find out a lot more about your business, but this estimator should help you get an idea of the costs involved.

Mailbox Migration
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Microsoft 365 Tenant Setup
Setting up your Microsoft 365 cloud environment according to best practices.
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Company Data Migration to Sharepoint
Due to the varying practices businesses have for storing their company data, we cannot determine what will be required using this form. Sharepoint data migrations are billed by our standard hourly rate (currently $150). Companies that have a small amount of data in one or two locations will not take very long. Companies with many terabytes of data in many locations will take longer.
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Migration Project Estimator