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Fast & Reliable Network Solutions for Your Edmond Business

We install or maintain secure network products and services to keep your wired and wireless devices connected properly.

Your network is the lifeblood of your company. It keeps all devices connected and information flowing. We can help you ensure that information flow doesn’t get cut off or stalled.

Network Reliability is Crucial

When your internet connection isn’t working well, it hampers every part of your business. Companies rely on fast connections that enable communications and data transmission both inside and outside their company.

Skyline IT Management can help with all types of network issues, challenges, and goals. This includes helping your wireless network reach where it needs to without dropped connections, as well as the strategic use of wired ethernet to enhance speed and service delivery.

Wireless Networks

When you have weak or “dead” Wi-Fi zones in your office, it causes slowdowns in productivity and can limit where you position your physical assets.

Setting up an effective and reliable wireless network at your Edmond, OK business is about more than just plugging in a modem and router. Our networking experts can help you with affordable solutions that can expand the wireless signal reach and ensure that it’s strong throughout your entire property. So, everyone can keep performing at top speeds.

Wired Networks

A wired network is an excellent complement to your wireless network because it can deliver a faster, and more direct internet connection.

We’ll review where it makes sense to use these, such as for servers, sensors, or other equipment that does not need to be moved. The use of both gives you a better and richer internet experience overall.

Quality of Service (QoS) Setup

Companies are adding IoT devices to their networks at a record pace. This is in addition to the use of more user devices. It used to be that a person had one computer connected to the company network. Now, an employee can have a PC, smartphone, tablet, and wearable.

All these devices are fighting for bandwidth, and you can end up with internet issues as a result.

Skyline IT Management can help your Edmond business with the implementation of QoS, which are bandwidth allocation rules added to your router that help prioritize your most important internet traffic.

Network Security & Remote Team Networks

Once a hacker is inside your network, they can get to any connected device. We help you provide that first line of defense against intrusions that could lead to a devastating data breach.

Our expertise extends to helping your remote team secure their own home Wi-Fis through tips like the use of strong passwords and putting work devices on a guest network.

Are you tired of suffering from internet issues at your business?

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