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Program Available from Microsoft for Qualifying Non-Profits

Program Available from Microsoft for Qualifying Non-Profits

If you’re a non-profit organization that is currently paying to use Microsoft 365 Business, or paying to use another productivity suite, then you need to keep reading. You may be paying for a license when you could be getting Microsoft for free! 

We recently worked with a non-profit organization that was using another email provider at a cost of $10 per user per month. Working with us, they managed to eradicate that cost by switching to Microsoft 365 Business Premium for non-profits.

Are you interested to learn more? Keep reading! 

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a solution designed for small and medium-sized organizations. By deploying this suite of tools, you get access to Microsoft’s mainstay apps, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.

Essentially, Microsoft 365 has everything your non-profit needs to enhance productivity and boost collaboration. Microsoft 365 also benefits from Microsoft’s in-built security solutions that help you to keep data secure across devices and locations. 

Why is Microsoft 365 suitable for non-profits?

  • Enable remote work: Because Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, your employees and volunteers are empowered to work from anywhere on any device – as long as they have their login credentials. 
  • Reduce your on-premises needs: Cloud-based software like Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive also reduces the need for on-premises servers.
  • Boost productivity: Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps make it easier for your employees to complete their tasks. In fact, Microsoft estimates that 365 users save about 1.5 hours per week by using it. 
  • Enhance collaboration: Microsoft 365 can help your stakeholders to collaborate. You can share and collaborate on documents and files in real-time – even if you’re on other sides of the country! 
  • Improved communication: Microsoft 365 allows your people to video conference and send chats via Microsoft Teams rather than constantly email each other.
  • Security and privacy: Microsoft Outlook comes with native spam and malware defenses, which will help keep your company safe from phishing attacks and other forms of malware.
  • Mission continuity: With your files safely stored in the cloud, your non-profit can continue operating in the event of a natural disaster or on-site power outage. 

Looking to the future 

Many non-profit organizations are currently recovering from the impact of COVID-19. Research indicates that more than 70% of non-profits faced significant disruptions during the peak of the pandemic. 

A huge challenge that companies are still facing is the impact of remote work on communication and employee retention. 84% of non-profits said this will remain a challenge or become increasingly complex over the next 12 months. 

In light of this, moving to Microsoft 365 for Business is a must for non-profits. For those companies struggling with collaboration and productivity. Microsoft 365 is a wise technological decision. 

How does Microsoft 365 Business for non-profits work?

With this plan, your company will get a Microsoft 365 Business Premium grant for up to 10 seats for free. You’ll then only pay $5 (USD) for each additional user per month. Compared to other plans on the market, this makes Microsoft 365 Business extremely cost-competitive. 

Does my company qualify?

As noted on its website, Microsoft states that, to qualify for this free grant, “non-profit and nongovernmental organizations must:

  • Hold recognized, legal charitable status as defined in their countries;
  • Operate on a not-for-profit basis;
  • Have a mission to benefit the broader community;
  • Attest to Microsoft’s anti-discrimination policy;
  • Only assign licenses to eligible staff;
  • Only use the licenses for their organization and not license partners, affiliates, or sister organizations.”

How Skyline can help your non-profit make the most of Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 for non-profits is an excellent way to boost your company’s operations and harness the potential of the cloud, without overwhelming expenses.

However, deploying Microsoft 365 can be challenging without dedicated expertise and know-how. That’s where we come in. With deep experience in Microsoft 365 implementation and management, we can help your non-profit rollout Microsoft 365 for Business. We can even help you to obtain your grant. 

If you’re new to the world of Microsoft 365, we can help you switch over from your old email and cloud storage solution to ensure that no data is lost during the update process. We’ll also provide dedicated ongoing support to make sure you get the most out of Microsoft 365. 

Learn More About Our Managed IT Services 

Skyline IT Management can help your Oklahoma non-profit with any questions about Microsoft 365 and get you started with the plan that’s perfect for your needs.

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