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Remotely Possible

Because so many people are going to be conducting their school, work and volunteer business from home, I am posting links to resources for remote productivity. Of course, we are here to help you as well. Many of my direct vendors have stepped up to offer resources and assistance to the IT community. They have offered Skyline free options for the time being that we can use to help our clients work remotely. If you need assistance in getting set up to work from home, please let us know.

Other public-facing companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Bigger Brains, WeBex and Zoom deserve a nice shout out for their quick and generous response. Here are links to their offers and information.

LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, is making the following premium content available right now to help people learn how to use some of the most popular remote work resources:

Microsoft is now providing a 6 month free trial for Office 365 which includes the business version of Microsoft Teams. Details and training information for Teams are listed below: