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Did You Know About Our Security Awareness and IT Training Services

Did You Know About Our Security Awareness and IT Training Services?

Human error accounts for roughly 90% of today’s data breaches. Whether an employee accidentally clicks on a phishing email or leaves a cloud folder open to the public, it’s all too easy for employees to inadvertently cause a cyber-attack or data loss.

This is exactly what security awareness and IT training programs are designed to combat. A robust training program will help your business to improve security resilience and empower your employees to feel more confident using emerging technologies and software. 

Below, we’ll explore how security awareness and IT training programs work, the benefits of implementing a program in your organization, and how we can support you in delivering a plan that works. 

What Is Security Awareness and IT Training? 

Security awareness and IT training is a strategy in which you educate your employees on cybersecurity risks and give them the skills they need to use IT efficiently. Security awareness training, specifically, is about mitigating risks by helping your employees to become more knowledgeable about common cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them.

IT training, on the other hand, is about equipping employees with a digital understanding of new software and tools. For example, if you deploy Microsoft 365 in your organization, you may wish to host a few sessions on how to use the platform effectively.   

What Are The Benefits of Security Awareness and IT Training?

There are a number of benefits your organization stands to gain from a well thought-out training program, including: 

Reduce The Likelihood of Data Breaches

The primary reason organizations roll-out security awareness training is to reduce the number of data breaches and leakage that occur due to human error. By educating your users on threats like phishing attacks, ransomware and malware, you can help them to spot these attacks before falling victim. 

Improve Your Business Reputation

It’s no secret that data breaches are bad for business. In fact, research shows that 46% of organizations suffered reputational damage as a result of a data breach. On the flipside, if you prioritize security, you stand to gain a better reputation amongst your customers, partners and suppliers. 

It’s Necessary For Compliance 

Depending on the sector you work in, your organization is likely subject to data protection regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, GBLA or even the CCPA if you interact with consumers in California. 

A huge part of adequately protecting data is educating your employees on good cyber hygiene and data privacy expectations. In this sense, security awareness training isn’t just a nice to have – it’s a must! 

Empower Your Employees And Improve Company Loyalty

55% of employers worry that innovation in their organization is hampered by a lack of digital skills while 85% of Americans believe that digital skills are important for success in today’s workplace.

This is where upskilling becomes vital. With a good IT training program, you can help your employees develop the skills they need to succeed now and in the future. The benefits of this are two-fold.

Firstly, the better your employees’ digital skills are, the more your business will benefit. They’ll be able to efficiently and effectively use the latest software, and this will help you to succeed as a company.

Secondly, when you invest in training, you’re also investing in your people – and this leads to better job satisfaction. If your employees feel appreciated, they’re more likely to feel loyal to your company, and stay with you for the long-term. In line with this, research shows that 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if they felt there was a good amount of investment in learning and development. 

How Should I Approach Security Awareness and IT Training?

It’s clear that security awareness and IT training can be game changing, but not all training is created equal. Too often, we see organizations invest in one-off training sessions that aren’t engaging or effective at driving real change. 

Instead of doing this, you should look to implement a training program that’s consistent, frequent and enjoyable. That’s where we come in!

Why Choose Security Awareness and IT Training From Skyline It Management?

Our approach to security awareness and IT training is highly effective at driving long-term behavioral change. We work with you to craft a personalized, engaging training program that covers all your needs. 

Whether you prefer in-person or remote webinar training, we’ve got you covered! Plus, you and your employees will receive access to our extensive self-paced training library, so your people can learn on-demand when and where they want to. 

Topics we cover include:

  • Security awareness
  • Application education
  • Communications and soft skills 

Keep Your Team Sharp And Productive with Expert Training

Skyline IT Management can help your Oklahoma business with developing an excellent security awareness and IT training program.  

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