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Keeping a Spare Workstation Around The Office

Keeping a Spare Workstation Around The Office

If your office doesn’t have an extra workstation, you’re missing a trick. Having a spare PC is a crucial part of a solid business continuity plan. Below, we’ll explore why we advise our clients to invest in a spare PC for the office. 

Why Is Having a Spare Workstation Important? 

You may have heard that there’s a global chip shortage at the moment. This means that manufacturers don’t have the equipment they need to repair and produce computers. Research shows that supplies have fallen from an average of 40 days’ worth in 2019 to just five days in late 2021. 

With supplies low and demand increasing, the chances of getting a new device quickly is slim. For businesses across the country, this spells trouble. If one of your devices suddenly stops working and needs repair, there will likely be delays in getting it fixed – even if it’s under warranty.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do about the chip shortage. It’s out of your control. But what you can do is make sure you have a surplus device. That way, if one of your laptops malfunctions, you have a backup in place. 

The Benefits Of Having a Spare Workstation

There are a number of benefits to investing in a spare workstation, as we’ll explore below. 

Ensure Productivity 

A spare workstation is always useful to have. If a computer needs repairs or suffers a glitch, it can hinder employee productivity. How can your employees get things done if their tech isn’t working? In these instances, a spare workstation is really valuable and enables business continuity. 

Save On Time 

Downtime can cost small businesses $423 per minute, whereas large organizations can lose over $9,000 per minute. If your employees can’t do their work because their devices aren’t working, they’re losing you money. 

When you have a spare workstation for them to use, you can overcome this issue. Rather than wait until the device is fixed to get back to work, your employee can use the spare workstation and access their workplace applications from there. 

This is why having a spare workstation goes hand in hand with moving to Microsoft Office 365. This is a cloud-based suite of applications that can be accessed anywhere from any device. With all of your employees’ important work files stored in the cloud, they don’t need to get overly attached to their laptop or computer. All they need is their log in!

Avoid BYOD security risks 

While you might be tempted to encourage users to use their own devices if their corporate one fails, this is risky from a security perspective. Employees’ personal devices don’t tend to have the same level of security protection as corporate devices. This makes them more prone to data leakage and cyber-attacks. 

If you would like to enable BYOD at your company, make sure you put the proper security processes and controls in place before enabling personal devices to interact with sensitive company data. 

Facilitate guest access 

It’s common today for organizations to collaborate with a range of partners and customers. Sometimes, it will make sense for a representative from one of these organizations to visit the office. When this happens, having a spare workstation can improve the guest’s experience. 

Instead of your guest having to bring their own device, they can simply use your workstation. 

Onboard new hires easily 

Given the current chip shortage, ordering a new desktop is likely to take a little longer than usual. If you plan to expand your business in the next few months and hire new employees, having one or two spare workstations will help with the onboarding process. 

Rather than waiting for their device to arrive, your new hires can dive right in and get stuck into learning about the role. 

Planning Ahead To Avoid Disruption

We’ve written a blog on the top things to look for when purchasing a computer, which you can read here. Our top tip for all businesses is, ultimately, to plan ahead.

The supply chain issues we’re seeing now show no sign of abating. In fact, Intel thinks they’ll continue well into 2030. So, rather than wait until you need a new computer to purchase one, start the process today. 

It’s also worth noting that you don’t necessarily need to buy a brand new computer. You can get a top-quality, business-class refurbished computer instead. The refurbished supplier we use provides a three-year complete replacement warranty, which is a great option.

Lastly, remember that you’ll need to harness the power of Microsoft 365 to make the most of your spare workstation. Cloud-based applications enable your employees to work from any device, so that a faulty or broken desktop never stands in the way of productivity. 

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