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Skyline IT Management

A New Beginning

The Computer Monkey is now Skyline IT Management to more clearly reflect the direction my company is going. (See more in About Us.) There will continue to be a need for technicians like myself to repair issues with technology when they arise. However, there are problems with this approach. More often than not, by the time I am brought in to help with a problem, one of the following is true:

  1. The client has been “suffering” with the issue for a while, hoping it would resolve on its own or waiting until there are enough other issues to warrant getting help.
  2. The problem started as something more minor but has grown into a more serious matter that requires significantly more time and tools to resolve.  

These scenarios change if your technical advisor is already there monitoring and maintaining your devices and networks. So now, when given the opportunity I will be servicing my clients through a more proactive approach by forming a partnership to manage their devices and technology solutions. One of the best parts of this managed approach to service is getting to show clients the benefits of the latest cloud technology solutions. The cloud brings to small business features of security, redundancy, and productivity formerly reserved for larger companies. This monthly service relationship is more common in business environments but has also been well-received among some of my residential clients. With an IT professional monitoring and maintaining your computer, many issues get resolved before you are even aware there was a problem. Everyone can appreciate that! Interested? Contact us!