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What is PM Attendant & How Can it Transform Efficiency for Oil Change Shops?

What Is PM Attendant & How Can It Make Oil Change Shops More Efficient?

In 2022, technology has infused just about every industry and business on the planet, even those that aren’t taking place in a traditional office or retail store environment.

The oil change industry is one that people might think wouldn’t be as heavily reliant on technology as others. But just like other types of businesses, oil change shops can be run much more efficiently when technology is deployed effectively.

We have seen this first-hand because we’ve been working with this industry as an IT provider since 2012 with PM Attendant. This business was one of the first in the retail oil change industry to have a cloud-based application, as they already were aware of the advances that technology was making in this industry. 

Working with this company has given Skyline IT an intimate knowledge of the operations and software used by oil change shops and how to optimize it to work for them and keep them productive and growing.

The U.S. oil change services industry is expected to grow by 6% this year. As the industry becomes more competitive, one of the ways that shops will stand out is by utilizing technology well. 

Small businesses that are “digitally advanced” earn twice the revenue per employee as those that aren’t.

Below, we’ll provide an introduction to PM Attendant and then explain the technology management services that we offer to oil change service shops.

PM Attendant

PM Attendant is software that’s a complete quick lube management solution. Rather than having to try to fit another software to the distinct needs of an oil change shop, PM Attendant is already designed with those needs in mind.

It includes the online point-of-sale (POS) system to help you get customers checked out quickly as well as the backend technology to help your business excel.

Some of the key features include:

  • Speed: The software is designed for the quick pace of oil change shops where customers want to zip in and zip out. It includes stand-out extras like a customizable greeting process and integrated CarFax Quick Vin.
  • Reliability: PM Attendant isn’t some new software on the block, this cloud-based software has been available for twenty years, and the service has had 100% uptime since July 2020.
  • Usability: No one wants to spend hours having to learn a new system, which is why this software is designed to be intuitive and simple to learn. It’s also accessible from all devices (PC, Mac, tablets, etc.)
  • Information at Your Fingertips: When you run a service business, you need to help customers quickly, so no one is left waiting and decides to leave. PM Attendant includes 29 available filter databases, quick access to SEO information, and more.
  • Back-end Business Tools: You can reduce liability through tools that help you implement standard procedures. These include cash drawer management, inventory count, sales tax reports, and more.

IT Management Tailored to Oil Change Businesses

The other half of the IT equation for oil change shops is to have their hardware, workstations, network, and systems running and operational at all times. Just like you recommend to your own customers, preventative maintenance is key. It’s just as necessary for computers and wireless networks as it is for vehicles if you want everything running smoothly.

Skyline IT offers PMA Maintenance & Management service that helps you decrease support calls, reduce your risk of a malware infection, and mitigate expensive IT downtime that can impact your operations.

Our all-in-one package allows you to focus on your business, while we keep your technology humming along smoothly. Some of the key benefits offered through our managed services for oil change shops include:

  • Remote monitoring and management of your workstations
  • Preventative maintenance that takes care of small issues before they become big ones
  • Updates for the operating system & 3rd party software to ensure your systems stay secure
  • Security monitoring and management, including antivirus/anti-malware
  • DNS filtering to block unsafe and undesirable websites
  • File system maintenance
  • Phone and remote support during business hours Monday-Friday (this includes PM Attendant printers and cash drawers)

What are the benefits of using PMA maintenance and management services? 

  • Fewer business-stopping interruptions
  • Reduced risk of falling victim to a cyber attack
  • Technical support when you need it
  • Improves your ability to service your customers
  • Increases the speed and efficiency of oil shop operations
  • Adds an important layer of accountability for your IT systems
  • Usually costs less than trying to manage your technology on your own
  • Allows you and your team to excel at what you do best

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Skyline IT Management can help your oil change service business with a plan that gives you an edge on the competition through optimized technology.

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