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Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides small business with a complete cloud infrastructure solution.

What is the best technology for business?

What do you think of when you hear Microsoft 365? Perhaps you think of Microsoft Office 365 and the applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. You would be partially correct. But, there is substantially more to Microsoft 365 than productivity applications. There are several licensing variations, but for small businesses up to 300 users, Microsoft offers 365 Business Premium. With M365 Business Premium, businesses not only get the productivity applications we associate with the formerly-named Microsoft Office, but also a complete cloud infrastructure that includes: hosted Exchange email, secure file storage, access control and security management, anti-virus, device and application data management, data loss prevention, information compliance tools and much more.

Could this be a solution for your business? If you do not have a line of business application that must run on a local server, you can completely remove the expense and maintenance of having an on premises server. This decentralized, cloud solution makes your business more agile and gives you and your staff the flexibility to be productive from any trusted locations and devices. There are also options to run a hybrid solution that provides the security and flexibility of Microsoft 365 Business while maintaining an on premises server as well.

We would be happy to do a free assessment for your business to see if you would benefit from this game-changing business product. Contact us today to get started.